Happy Holidays

December 13, 2016 10:00 by Dana Peters

For me, this time of year is always a time of reflection.

In between the long lines at the store, the frantic last minute attempt to find the perfect gift, and the holiday baking, I find myself really examining my year.

Was I the person I truly wanted to be? Did I reflect that in my work and my personal life? Could I do better?

As a business owner, a mother, a wife, and the matriarch of my family unit, I try to unplug, hit refresh, and examine my approach to life as we enter the New Year. In recent years some of our family goals have centered on becoming better stewards in our community. Last year, my family decided we wanted to waste less food, be better recyclers, and be more conscious of how we give back to our community.  What seemed like simple goals has evolved into a new lifestyle for us, and for me a new passion for the work being done by a local food pantry.

Working toward these family goals has not only been rewarding, but it has been an opportunity for us to talk about issues impacting our community and a great excuse to spend time together.

This year, we encourage you to do the same. I encourage you to find something that matters to you; think about how you could make a difference, and what you want to do in 2017.  For me, it’s not always about the business. Of course we always have business goals, but there is more to life than work.

It’s easy to get caught up in the bustle of the season; and even easier to let the stress of year-end deadlines, conference calls, and last minute meetings take away from the joy this season can bring. Our plan now is to enjoy this holiday season, and we encourage you to do the same. Reflect, relax, and unwind. Start fresh in the New Year.

Happy Holidays from our team to yours, and best wishes on a successful 2017!

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