When Does eLearning Make Sense?

January 26, 2013 16:12 by Dana Peters
On occasion, we have had the opportunity to be involved in high-level discussions about blended learning. Often in a small to mid-sized organization setting, those responsible for learning and development are taking a closer look at their existing (face to face) instructor-led training (ILT) programs to determine other delivery approaches that could be leveraged. eLearning is always part of this conversation. Of course, the underlying premise to these conversations is that any changes incorporated would be a move for the better for both the organization and the learner. [More]

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Practice, Experimentation, and Experience = Learning

January 24, 2013 16:00 by Dana Peters
Last spring I learned something in a surprising place. My daughter was involved in the musical at her high school. She was very excited and asked if we would attend all four performances. Being good parents, we decided to take the “divide and conquer” route and each attend two shows. I took opening night and closing night. Dad took the two middle performances. [More]

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What Not to Do in the Virtual Classroom

January 24, 2013 15:30 by Dana Peters
I offer a session to learning and development professionals called, “What’s In Your Tool Kit? Define Your Virtual Impact.” As the name implies, the purpose of the session is to allow the participants to collaborate on tips, best practices, and tools available to virtual trainers. Many times the participants in this session are new to delivering classes in the virtual environment or are considering offering virtual classes for their organization. [More]

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Welcome to MondoSpective

January 22, 2013 18:51 by Dana Peters
Well here we are, entering new territory and joining many of our respected colleagues in the big world of blogging. Like many of the “adventures” in both my professional and personal life, I am sure it will be more about the journey rather than the destination. [More]

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